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Häagen-Dazs Tries Beekeeping

Cute campaign sweetly links ‘all-natural’ ice cream to effects of Colony Collapse Disorder Read more

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Allergic beekeeper starts treatment

A beekeeper with an allergy to bee stings is undergoing hospital treatment so he can continue his hobby. Read more

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Air pollution disabling bees

Air pollution interferes with the ability of bees and other insects to follow the scent of flowers to their source, undermining the essential process of pollination, a study by three University of Virginia researchers suggests. Read more

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Ozone Product Might Help Make Bee Hives Cleaner, Safer

Ozone, which is already used to sanitize drinking water and swimming pools, might help make hives cleaner and safer for America’s beleaguered honey bees. Read More

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Unexplained Mass Die-Off Hits German Hives

Bees in the German state of Baden-Württemburg are dying by the hundreds of thousands. In some places more than half of hives have perished. Government officials say the causes are unclear — but beekeepers are blaming new pesticides. Read more

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Corn Ethanol Puts Bees in Trouble

Read more

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Defra steps up probe into honeybee wipeout

The Department for Environment, Food And Rural Affairs (Defra) has announced it is giving “higher priority” to the investigation of bee fatalities following “early signs of significant colony losses across the country”. Read more

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New South Island Controlled Area for varroa mite

MAF Biosecurity New Zealand (MAFBNZ) has established a new South Island Controlled Area to protect beekeeping operations in the West Coast, Canterbury and areas further south, from varroa which was found at St Arnaud, outside the previous South Island Controlled … Continue reading

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Farmers learn what it takes to attract native bees

After an entomologist dug it up from its comfy underground home overlooking a cherry orchard, the longhorn bee was placed in a tiny glass vial and passed among a crowd of curious onlookers. To the orchardists, university extension agents and … Continue reading

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Bees evicted

Residents of the Pines at Willowbrook were all abuzz when a swarm of bees that built a hive on the outside of building four decided to move indoors. Read more and watch a video

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