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Varroa in Nigeria

21 January 2008: the UK National Bee Unit confirmed the mites on Mike Ukattah’s bees are Varroa and confirmed the presence of Varroa spp in Nigeria. Read More

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Unseasonal rains ruin wild honey yield in Kerala, India

Unseasonal rains have sharply brought down the yield of wild honey in Kerala’s Wayanad region this year, depriving the hard-pressed tribals of their supplementary income. Read More

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Honey producers hold crisis meeting

The north-west New South Wales region’s honey producers are taking part in a crisis meeting this week as the industry suffers a massive downturn in prices. Read More

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How is beeswax different from other waxes?

The term “wax” traditionally refers to the stuff that bees make their honeycombs out of, but it has come to mean pretty much anything that shares similar properties. Waxes include carnauba wax, which comes from a plant and is popular … Continue reading

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Oxford man researches way to protect honeybees

Butler County made large-scale beekeeping possible, when L.L. Langstroh invented the modern bee hive in Oxford more than 150 years ago. Now with honeybees across the globe threatened by parasitic varroa mites and the mysterious colony collapse disorder, another man … Continue reading

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The Urban Beekepers of London

There is at least one place in the world that the men in the white suits and their winged charges are fairing well. That place is London; an epicenter of urban beekeeping. Read More

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German Bee Populations Collapse

Bee colonies have begun dying off in alarming numbers all around the world. The collapse of bee populations has multiple causes, none of which have easy remedies, a German biology professor has warned. Read More

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Honeybees get a boost from supplement

Backyard beekeepers and commercial bee breeders alike are starting to offer their bees low-fat, high-protein “megabee patties” that help make up nutritional deficits. Commercially managed bees are nearly always used in monocrops situations, where they might be feeding on nothing … Continue reading

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Farmers look at native pollinators

After an entomologist dug it up from its comfy underground home overlooking a cherry orchard, the longhorn bee was placed in a tiny glass vial and passed among a crowd of curious onlookers. To the orchardists, university extension agents and … Continue reading

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Bee sting-new treatment regimen for arthritis, multiple sclerosis

While most of us rush to the doctor if stung by a red coloured wasp, there are others who wait for the bee keeper to remove a live bee from its hive with a pair of tweezers, hold it next … Continue reading

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