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Mass death of bees in Germany: Pesticide approvals suspended

The German Office for Consumer Protection and Food Safety (BVL) has ordered the immediate suspension of the approval for eight seed treatment products due to the mass death of bees in Germany’s Baden-Wuerttemberg state. Read More

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Beekeeper in battle for hive

Dennis Callaghan, of De Villers Avenue, Crosby, asked for permission to introduce the hive to his Scape Lane plot but his bid was rejected. Read More

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India: Every villager collects honey

In the day time, villagers in hordes,move towards the forest with all the apparatus needed to tap honey from the hives. In a night, a family on an average collects 120 litres of honey. Read More

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W.V. Imports 6 Million Bees To Replenish Colonies

West Virginia has imported 6 million honeybees from Georgia and 100 tons of corn syrup to replenish and nourish existing colonies. Read More

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Bees inconvenience passengers at Norwegian train station

A large swarm of bees Thursday caused problems for train passengers in south-eastern Norway, reports said. Station manager Terje Andersen at the train station in Fredrikstad told broadcaster NRK that “the bees began to swarm around us” early in the … Continue reading

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Uganda: Black Ants a Threat to Bee Population, Honey Industry

A common type of black ants has been singled out as the most devastating pest to bees in Uganda. The insects commonly called munyeera in Luganda, nginingini in Luo, attack beehives, suck out the honey and kill the bee pupae … Continue reading

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The role of women, and indigenous knowledge in Ethiopian beekeeping

Traditionally, there are no cultural taboos that forbid the involvement of women in beekeeping. However, women’s participation is often little or non-existent. Therefore, the promotion of income-generating activities for women and their role in beekeeping raises interesting issues. Read More

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Organic varroa control trials show varying results

Initial trials into the effectiveness of organic control methods for the Varroa honey bee mite have shown they work well in spring, but not in autumn. Read More

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Bees make shape of cross outside cathedral

It was a holy sight as a swarm of bees congregated outside a cathedral – in the shape of a cross. Read More

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Tips for taking bite out of insect stings

Typical reactions to a sting include swelling, redness and itching at the insect sting site. But in a few rare instances, a sting can become a serious medical emergency. Read More

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