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Bees make a beeline for medical institute in India

How would you like getting a bed in one of the best hospitals of the city and a view of a beehive right next to it? Yes, after a serious rat-infestation, now bees have paid a visit to the Rajendra … Continue reading

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Hive heists sting beekeepers Thefts have cost apiarists in California up to $330,000 in past 18 months

Third-generation beekeeper Roscoe Hall spent the past year fretting over a disease that’s inexplicably caused thousands of his industrious insects to abandon their colonies. Now, entire hives are disappearing, too. Read more

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Inishowen beekeepers buzzing about parasite treatment

An Inishowen beekeepers group are hoping an acid used to treat a parasite killing bees will soon be licensed in Ireland. Read more

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Breeding better bees

Out-of-state researchers visit California to test bee health Read more

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Border protection laws under fire from beekeeping industry

The Government’s moves to rush through changes to border protection laws are weakening the protection process and will potentially cause “massive and irreparable consequences,” beekeepers say. Read more

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Beehives Stolen from California Nut Grower

Beekeepers have been struggling with a mysterious disease that’s destroying their colonies. Now they have to fend off thieves. One California nut grower, who needs bees to pollinate his trees, says robbers stole 180 of his hives, costing him about … Continue reading

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Local honey prices better in Malawi

Mzuzu Coffee which also produces honey says the commodity’s local prices are better off compared to what is being offered on the international market. Read more

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Brainy bees sniff out flowers

Families flocked to see the latest animated hit Bee Movie, but scientists from the University of Queensland’s Queensland Brain Institute (QBI) have long embraced the bee for very different reasons. Read more

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Venom shots protect sting-allergic patients long-term

Treatment with venom from stinging insects can help protect allergic people from having severe reactions to these stings, even years after treatment ends, a new study shows. Read more

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Beeswax from Spanish shipwreck found near Gold Beach

It was the amber luminescent glow of an egg-shaped object in the winter sun that grabbed Loretta LeGuee’s attention on the beach she had combed for years. Experts say it almost certainly is a chunk of beeswax from a Spanish … Continue reading

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