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Beekeeper accidentally started Port Hills fire

A beekeeper tending his hives with a smoking device has been blamed for accidentally starting one of two major scrub fires on Christchurch’s Port Hills yesterday. Read more

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Taking initiative for the survival of the honey bee

While it is apparent that an evolution in beekeeping needs to emerge, it is imperative that a bee-caring Guardianship is immediately put into place as we face this moment of instability of the planets’ biosphere. Read more

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Honeybees are hobby for retirees

Beekeeping is a favorite pastime enjoyed by only a handful of Hampton County residents, including retired State Trooper Lewis Hardison and his twin brother, Jimmy. Read more

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Beekeepers warn of honey shortage in Wales

Honey lovers are being warned to expect a shortage of the sweet treat because last summer’s poor weather stopped bees from foraging for nectar. Read more

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