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Honey news is sweet in England

Hampshire’s mini army of beekeepers is welcoming news the price of honey is set to soar. Read more

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New Food Enhances Honeybee Health, Expert Says

Honeybee nutrition expert Gordon I. Wardell will present research results on honeybee nutrition and its relation to honeybee life expectancy today at the National Beekeeping Conference in Sacramento, Calif. Better bee nutrition may help combat colony collapse disorder and problems … Continue reading

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Beekeeper faces murder trial

A NSW man will stand trial for allegedly murdering a fellow beekeeper at Woodford, west of Caboolture, stealing up to $50,000 of honey and fleeing back across the border. Read more

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Can Burt’s Bees Turn Clorox Green?

Here is a story about Roxanne Quimby and Burt Shavitz whou founded Burt’s Bees, a niche company famous for beeswax lip balm, lotions, soaps and shampoos, as well as for its homespun packaging and feel-good, eco-friendly marketing. Today, the couple’s … Continue reading

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Tribute to New Zealand’s Most Famous Beekeeper

Federated Farmers Bees today paid tribute to Sir Edmund Hillary, a humble beekeeper who went on to achieve great things. Read more

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Sunbulah’s Al Shifa honey passes Saudi quality trade mark

Sunbulah’s Al Shifa honey products have received an award recently for obtaining high quality trade mark for more than ten years. Read more

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Your Health: A spoonful of honey is good medicine

A spoonful of honey can do more than just satisfy your sweet tooth — it might improve your health. Read more

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Comments on Apinews

It is now possible to comment news on Apinews! So feel free to give feedback on any news by clicking on the comments link and use the form on the bottom of the page.

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New Specialist Honey Shop Open in London

Press release: A new specialist honey and bee based health products shop has opened in London, UK. Co-located with a natural health clinic, people can find a range of healthy bee produced products, and learn about a range of alternative … Continue reading

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Africanized honeybees found in Louisiana

Africanized honeybees have been found near Tioga, about eight miles north of Alexandria and 140 miles southeast of the Caddo Parish town where they were first discovered in Louisiana. At their current speed, they’re likely to cover most of the … Continue reading

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