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Nets shield citrus from pollination that could cause seeds

Covering orchards with nets is emerging as one possible solution to a turf war between the honeybee industry and citrus growers. Read more

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Vanishing Of The Bees documentary

“Vanishing of the Bees” is an independent documentary currently in production about this ecological nightmare and its potential impact. Read more

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Growers should educate themselves about honeybees

By getting “bee smart,” vegetable growers can get more out of the honeybee colonies they rent for a more productive crop. Read more

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Honeybees may be wiped out in 10 years

Honeybees will die out in Britain within a decade as virulent diseases and parasites spread through the nation’s hives, experts have warned. Read more

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A banyan tree with world’s largest number of beehives

A million bees have colonized in a single banyan tree in Bangalore. The tree has the world’s largest number of beehives — as many as 600. Read more

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Honey Bee Research is the Solution to Almond Grower Pollination Needs

California’s almond bearing acreage is expected to mushroom about 22 percent in the next five years, from 615,000 bearing acres in the 2006-2007 crop year to 750,000 bearing acres in 2011. Yet what’s a stinging concern in the side of … Continue reading

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Earth may soon face huge losses of species, and this time, we humans are the asteroids

More than a decade ago, many scientists claimed that humans were demonstrating a capacity to force a major global catastrophe that would lead to a traumatic shift in climate, an intolerable level of destruction of natural habitats, and an extinction … Continue reading

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Principal Abuzz Over Bees At School

A Tampa Bay principal is complaining that bees are becoming a problem at her school. Read more

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Flight of the honey bee threatens pollination in Tasmania

Tasmanian seed and crop farmers are concerned that dwindling bee numbers could affect their livelihood. Read more

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4 Reasons Pesticides are Bad for Bees

The Beekeeper reports from the first ever National Beekeeping Conference Read more

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