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Beekeepers left buzzing mad after queen bees raided from hives

Beekeepers in the South Island believe that bee rustlers are at work in Central Otago. Read more

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Keep Bees, Naturally!

Enjoy the sweet rewards of beekeeping. Here’s what you need to know to keep bees — using natural methods — and harvest fresh, delicious honey from your own back yard. Read more

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Apis-UK issue 53 is out

A new issue of Apis-UK is out. It can be read online, but is also available as PDF here

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Uganda: Lack of Training Material Hinders Beekeeping Industry

Lack of enough beekeeping literature is a hindrance to the growth of the beekeeping industry, the manager of Connoisseur Honeys, Bushenyi, has said. Read more

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80 to 90 percent of honey bees were lost last year, Richland commissioners told

So, your tomato crop was pretty lousy last summer. Blame it on the bees, or the lack thereof. Read more

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96-million-year-old Fossil Pollen Sheds Light On Early Pollinators

The collapse of honeybee colonies across North America is focusing attention on the honeybees’ vital role in the survival of agricultural crops, and a new study by University of Florida and Indiana University Southeast researchers shows insect pollinators have likely … Continue reading

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Bee mites could devastate Hawaii crops

A diminutive insect could have a big impact on Hawai’i farmers who depend on bees to pollinate their crops. Read more

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2008 Kicks Off With Independent Lab Results Confirming Pureness of WNA’s Honey

Wisconsin Natural Acres, producer of all-natural honey and home to millions of healthy, happy and thriving honeybees, today announced the launch of its 2008 Honey with Integrity campaign. The Honey with Integrity campaign will span the 2008 year, promoting the … Continue reading

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Queen bees have harems of male dancers

Bees are known to communicate the location of food by dancing. And now the harems of promiscuous queens have been found to generate better dancers. Read more

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Canada’s beekeepers hope to save fragile industry

Canada’s honeybee population has been bruised and battered by a host of new health threats, so producers are looking to create a network of research and diagnostic efforts to protect their lucrative but fragile industry. Read more

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