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Bees can smother their foes to death

Honeybees can smother their enemies to death by swarming them, European researchers said. Read more

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Virus alone may not be enough to kill bees

Scientists who suggested a virus is causing the mysterious deaths of U.S. honeybees believe this virus is deadly mainly when working in conjunction with other factors. Read more

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Virus implicated in mystery of disappearing honeybees

Microbe may be cause of bee colony collapse in U.S., scientists say Read more

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European Union donates money to beekeeping development

The European Union has donated Sh13 million to boost beekeeping management in the country. Read more

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3,000-year-old beehives found in Israel

Archaeologists digging in northern Israel have discovered evidence of a 3,000-year-old beekeeping industry, including remnants of ancient honeycombs, beeswax and what they believe are the oldest intact beehives ever found. Read more

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Sting kills beekeeper

A beekeeper who was allergic to bee stings died from anaphylactic shock after being stung as he tended his hive in a Norfolk village. Read more

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How drones find queens: Odorant receptor for queen pheromone identified

The mating ritual of the honey bee is a mysterious affair, occurring at dizzying heights in zones identifiable only to a queen and the horde of drones that court her. Now a research team led by the University of Illinois … Continue reading

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Hawaii moves to control honeybee mite

The state is stepping up efforts to combat a destructive mite that’s threatening Hawai’i’s honeybee industry. Read more

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