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Bee Mites! Big Problem for Hawaii Farmers

Beekeepers and farmers are concerned that the tiny varroa mite, that is infesting beehives in all parts of Oahu, may kill off 90 percent of wild hives on the island. This could have a huge impact on agricultural crops that … Continue reading

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‘Made in USA’ doesn’t guarantee food safety

That loaf of Sara Lee bread on the grocery store shelf was made with flour from U.S. wheat. But the Illinois-based food giant uses honey and vitamin supplements from China. Read more

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Asian parasite killing honeybees

A parasite common in Asian bees has spread to Europe and the Americas and is behind the mass disappearance of honeybees in many countries, says a Spanish scientist who has been studying the phenomenon for years. The culprit is a … Continue reading

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Some experts say bee die-offs are far from unprecedented

Over the past year, large die-offs of commercial honeybee colonies, from unknown causes, have raised concern that an agricultural crisis is at hand. hNow some experts on insect biology and bee rearing are questioning how unusual the die-offs are, saying … Continue reading

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Pheromone leads to queen bee’s dominance

Scientists in New Zealand said that a special pheromone chemical released by queen honeybees ensures that its drone nurses are docile and compliant. Read more

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USDA plans Colony Collapse Disorder Research

U.S. Department of Agriculture Under Secretary for Research, Education and Economics Gale Buchanan announced that USDA researchers have finalized an action plan for dealing with colony collapse disorder (CCD) of honey bees. Read more

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‘Sister Bee’ documentary captures spiritual side of beekeeping

A honey of a film, “Sister Bee,” directed by former Auburn resident Laura Tyler, will be shown Friday, July 20, in Portland. The lyrical documentary follows six beekeepers in Boulder County, Colo., where Tyler now resides. Read more

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Norwegian council names ASU researcher ‘Outstanding Young Investigator’

Gro Amdam, an assistant professor in Arizona State University’s School of Life Sciences who heads social insect studies in laboratories at both ASU and the Norwegian University of Life Sciences, is one of 20 researchers now bearing the distinction “Outstanding … Continue reading

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Sales of honey rise, marmalade drop in UK

Sales of honey rose 14 per cent between 2004 and 2006 while marmalade sales dropped 10 per cent, according to a new study in the UK. Read more

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NZ honey science co, German university to set manuka standards

A New Zealand honey health science company and a German university have joined forces in a bid to set industry standards for the use of manuka honey products to heal wounds, overcome stomach and skin problems, and potentially in the … Continue reading

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