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Uganda: UK NGO, Honey Producers Clash

Money wrangles between the Uganda Honey Beekeepers Association (UHA) and Hives Save Lives (HSLA), a UK-based charity, have stalled the production and export of honey. The Ugandan beekeepers accuse HSLA of using documents and photographic materials belonging to UHA to … Continue reading

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Undergraduate research shows leaderless honeybee organizing

Undergraduate education generally involves acquiring “received knowledge” – in other words, absorbing the past discoveries of scholars and scientists. But University of North Carolina at Charlotte senior biology major Andrew Pierce went beyond the textbooks and uncovered something previously unknown. … Continue reading

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Beekeepers angry at ATO ruling in Australia

Beekeepers are outraged at a draft ruling from the Australian Tax Office that describes bees as livestock. Read more

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Hive beetle disarms bees with their own pheromones

Even honeybees are vulnerable to hackers. Hives normally run a tight security detail, but the small hive beetle Aethina tumida still slips past the defences. How they do it has been a mystery since they were first discovered infesting hives … Continue reading

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Why do some queen bees eat their worker bee’s eggs?

A new study from the American Naturalist finds that honeybee workers’ sons are reared 100 times less in species with a queen mated to multiple males. Read more

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Ex-teacher to reintroduce bees to Goto Islands

A 71-year-old former high school teacher is determined to haul beehives housing tens of thousands of honeybees into the Goto Islands, a designated national park located west of Sasebo, Nagasaki Prefecture. Read more

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Harsh winter causes 72 percent honeybee hive loss in Ohio

Local hives seem to have been spared from the colony collapse epidemic, but are fighting bigger bee problems. Read more

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Exotic bees found in Cairns could threaten honey industry

The Department of Primary Industries (DPI) in Australia says it has found an exotic species of bee on a yacht in the Cairns harbour, in far north Queensland which could devastate Australia’s honey industry. Read more

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Safety stings China’s honey hives

For two years, Sun Baoli has been trying to clean up the dirty honey business here. He’s been met with nasty stings from bees, but those are nothing compared with the curses and punches from their keepers. Read more

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Organic bees dodge disorder

Organic bees appear to be unaffected by the mysterious disorder that is killing off commercial bees, some beekeepers say. Read more

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