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Research Explores Link Between Pesticides and Colony Collapse Disorder

The sudden disappearance of honey bees in many parts of the country might be related to pesticide exposure, according to Washington State University entomologist Walter (Steve) Sheppard. Read more

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Shoppers make a bee-line for honey as healthy image creates a buzz

Sales of honey are soaring thanks to its reputation as both a natural sweetener and remedy. Read more

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Watch Bees Swarm around Feature Reporter

Each Wednesday Dan Daru in Fox 31 attempts to learn a new trade, and provide some information that you can use at the same time. He spent Wednesday working in the bee removal industry. Read more

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U.S. Forest Service to Celebrate Nation’s Pollinators and Wildflowers Through New Exhibit

In light of the recent news reports of widespread honeybee deaths, the U.S. Forest Service’s celebratory opening of a new pollinator exhibit at their National Information Center couldn’t be more timely. Read more

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Stamps Feature the Birds and the Bees

A new set of postage stamps will feature the birds and the bees — and more. Read more

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Ontario funding takes sting out of beekeepers’ losses

After local beekeepers felt the sting of devastating hive losses last winter, news of $3 million in provincial funding to help them recover is pretty sweet. Read more

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Uganda: Bees Make Wonder Drug

Bees have given mankind unique products that scientists have failed to copy. Apart from honey and wax, bees also give something useful to health but human beings have ignored it. It is called propolis. Sometimes called bee glue, propolis is … Continue reading

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Propolis soap

Here is a story about how to make propolis soap Read more

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Help Name Dutch Gold Honey Bear

For its 50th anniversary celebration the Dutch Gold family is accepting entries from the public to name the original bear. Read more

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Bee Researcher At Arizona State University Is 1 Of 20 New Pew Scholars In The Biomedical Sciences

Gro Amdam, an assistant professor in Arizona State University’s School of Life Sciences who heads social insect studies in laboratories at both ASU and the Norwegian University of Life Sciences’ Department of Animal and Aquacultural Sciences, is one of only … Continue reading

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