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The secret lives of beekeepers

Backyard apiarists tend to not want any buzz about their hobby. Read more

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Pesticides may be contributing to the loss of honeybees

Pesticides and their connection to the falling bee population is tough to prove. One reason is the variety of pesticides in use in different areas makes reporting difficult relative to testing for all possible pesticides. Read more

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Honeybee swarm disrupts cancer society fundraiser; no reports of stings

A swarm of honeybees temporarily disrupted a charity fundraising event, but no one reported being stung. Read more

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Second Asian honeybee hive found in Australia

Authorities in far north Queensland suspect they have found a second hive of Asian honey bees in Cairns. Read more

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Announcement: Apinews is back up after a break

This is a notice from the administrator: I’m back after a couple of weeks without Internet access. The reason: I have just become a father Apinews will from now on hopefully get its regular updates

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