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Popularity of kudzu climbs

Jeanne Price has learned to love the wildly invasive kudzu vines that blanket so much of the South. That’s because the honeybees she keeps at a farm in Bostic, N.C. can’t resist the sweet purple kudzu blooms. Read more

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Growers blame crop damage on stray bees

Growers of some seedless Mandarin tangerines in the south Central Valley say that over the next few weeks, their crops and millions of dollars in revenues will be threatened — by bees. Read more

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Cold cure is bee’s knees

There’s no cure for the common cold – or is there? Read more

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Start thinking now about your own mason bees for next spring

You’ve been reading about the shortage of honeybees. Now, the dwarf fruit trees you bought last winter are in full bloom. It’s too late for the urban gardener to worry about bees this year, but you can lay the groundwork … Continue reading

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Jitter-causing critters

The desert squirms with poisonous faces – spiders, snakes, scorpions – but what is the most dangerous animal out there? Aside from people, that is. Read more

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Don’t downplay danger of disturbed hives

Everyone knows that honeybees are very important as a source of honey and as pollinators to many crops, and that right now the beekeeping industry is having many problems. No one disputes that. But Africanized Honeybees are a very real … Continue reading

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Honey prices soaring, amid mysterious deaths of the honeybee

Beekeepers throughout the United States have been losing between 50 and 90 percent of their honeybees over the past six months, perplexing scientists, driving honey prices higher and threatening fruit and vegetable production. Read more

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