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China dumps contaminated honey in South Africa

Countless litres of Chinese honey already consumed in South Africa over the past four years were contaminated with a dangerous antibiotic suspected of causing liver cancer and a potentially fatal rare blood disorder, South African beekeepers have warned. Read more

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Kabarole bees face extinction in Uganda

Various species of predators are threatening the lives of millions of honey producing bees, executive director Kabarole Bee Keepers Association Adolf Bagonza has said. Read more

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Beeswax lotion boosts dry hands

Here is another story of beesmax for skin care: “I just had to put in my two cents on dry, cracked hands. My father and I used to compare how many bandages we would be wearing each week because our … Continue reading

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Sniffing out tuberculosis

We have heard about bees sniffing for land mines. Now they may be used to small tuberculosis. Read more

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Beans, Bees, and Flares

Here is an article about honey bees and the large amounts that are disappearing from the managed environment ran by professional beekeepers. Read more

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Ohio beekeepers lost 72 percent of colonies

Experts blame February’s freeze for the larger than average die-off. Replacement bees may be scarce. Read more

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MAF right to oversee honey import upheld

The High Court has validated MAF Biosecurity New Zealand’s actions in allowing imports of honey products from Australia. Read more

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Sweet as Honey – Glenn and Alma are very much in love – and all abuzz about bees

When Limestone Cove beekeeper Glenn Ledford decided to court Alma Mitchell, he didn’t woo her with sweet nothings, as the old saying goes. Instead, he took her a jar of honey. Read more

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Some people don’t fight kudzu. They eat it.

Jeanne Price has learned to love the wildy invasive kudzu vines that blanket so much of the South. Read more

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Study reveals desires of bees

What should you plant to attract native bees? Here are some ideas based on UC Berkeley Professor Gordon Frankie’s Urban Bee Gardens Web site and other resources Read more

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