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Officer slams varroa watch decision in NZ

A varroa surveillance officer says beekeepers have shot themselves n the foot by not backing a surveillance programme which monitors the pest. Read more

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Beekeepers hosting meeting on colony collapse disorder

The Illinois State Beekeepers Association (ISBA) will conduct its 2007 Midwest Beekeeping Symposium June 9th at the McHenry County College Conference Center in Crystal Lake. Read more

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Local bees aren’t ‘collapsing’

To the fortune of Hampton Roads beekeepers, it seems that a mysterious ailment that has ravaged honeybee colonies across the country has not appeared here. Still, apiarists are watching their hives closely. Read more

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Honey poised to be Africa’s flagship in Europe

Uganda’s honey could become Africa’s flagship product to Europe after a buyer from the European Union (EU) expressed interest in it. Read more

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The Sudden Disappearance of Honeybees

Here is yet another article about the Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD). It mentions genetically modified plants as a possible cause. Read more

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Beekeeper blames deaths on aerial spraying

A Weber County farmer says he lost bees and crops worth $80,000 when a plane spraying for mosquitoes hit his valuable insects. Read more

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Port Authority protects against Africanized bees

Africanized honey bees, better known as killer bees, are rarely spotted in Mobile, and the state of Alabama wants to keep it that way. Read more

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Are gene modified crops killing bees?

A mysterious decimation of bee populations has German beekeepers worried, while a similar phenomenon in the United States is gradually assuming catastrophic proportions. The consequences for agriculture and the economy could be enormous. Read more

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Got bees? Call in the experts, not firefighters

Peoria firefighters have a word of advice when it comes to bees: Don’t call 911 if you spot a swarm or beehive. Read more

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Agriculture ministry, beekeepers join forces on upping honey production in Guyana

The Ministry of Agriculture and local beekeepers are collaborating on adding honey production to the ever-widening diversification of the country’s agriculture sector. Read more

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