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Uganda now targets honey markets in the EU, Japan and US

After years of struggling to market its products, the Uganda Honey Exporters Association has finally won government support. Read more

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Pakistan achieves self-sufficiency in honeybee

Pakistan is exporting honey to the Gulf states and other countries after attaining self-sufficiency in production of honeybee. Read more

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Man trying to kill bees sets home ablaze

A man who tried to keep bees off his property accidentally set fire to his house instead, causing at least $500 damage. Read more

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Honey bee researcher wins National Research Initiative Discovery Award

Dr. Tanya Pankiw, Texas Agricultural Experiment Station assistant professor, has been awarded the 2006 National Research Initiative Discovery Award. Read more

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‘Killer’ bees tracked near New Orleans

Another headache for survivors of Hurricane Katrina in flood-damaged St. Bernard Parish: killer bees. Read more

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Varroa found in new hive in NZ

A decision on the future of the varroa eradication programme is expected to be made later this month, following the discovery of another infected hive in the Nelson region. Read more

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Queen bees shown to pass viruses to their offspring

The first evidence that viruses can be transmitted vertically from mother queens to their offspring in honey bee colonies has been discovered by Agricultural Research Service (ARS) scientists. Read more

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Honey the top hangover cure

A breakfast of toast and honey is the ideal New Year’s Day hangover cure, according to the Royal Society of Chemistry. Read more

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Farmers seek authority to keep bees in forest in Kenya

Farmers in the two Nandi districts want the Government to allow them keep bees (apiculture) in the region’s forests which are protected areas by law. Read more

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