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Bees to vanquish varroa

New Zealand researchers say they have bred honeybees which are not only resistant to varroa mites, but fight back by making the mite larvae sterile. Read more

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Genetically Engineered crops causing CCD

Scientific evidence suggest that GM Crops are causing a breakdown of bees immune system in what has been called by scientists “Honeybee Colony Collapse Disorder“. Read more

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Harder Working Bees, Through Chemistry

Beekeepers with colonies suffering from symptoms of Colony Collapse Disorder still keep showing up. They did everything right this summer: they made healthy splits; they fed, medicated and sheltered. But the splits didn’t build up like they should, and the … Continue reading

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Honey ‘better than medicines’ for kids’ coughs

Natural honey is a betterremedy for children’s coughs than expensive over-the-counter medicines, researchers said today. Read more

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Swarm of bees briefly halt Sri Lanka-England cricket Test

Sri Lanka – A swarm of bees briefly halted play in the cricket Test between Sri Lanka and England when they flew across Asgiriya Stadium, forcing the players to all lie motionless on the ground. Read more

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Pork Industry Board welcomes Beekeepers’ win

The Court of Appeal has upheld the Beekeepers’ case that it is unlawful for MAF to allow new organisms across the border. It affirms that the only body with power to approve the introduction of new organisms to New Zealand … Continue reading

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Queen Bees Control Sex of Young After All

Royalty has its privileges, even in the insect world. Queen honey bees can choose the sex of their offspring, a new study shows. Like a sharp stinger, that finding pokes a hole in the notion that queens are merely mindless … Continue reading

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Guerilla bees cheat their way to royalty

The revolutionary-style activity of a type of honey bee has dealt a blow to the image of insects working co-operatively to benefit the colony. Read more

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Sweet news for Aussie bee industry

The US Department of Agriculture says it won’t ban imports of Australian honeybees, after first suggesting a few months ago the bees might be the source of deadly Colony Collapse Disorder in the states. Read more

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Beekeepers leaving the industry, with no one to replace them

David Coggshall remembers when he was a boy hauling bee colonies from sweet clover fields in Cocoa to cucumber patches in the Everglades and back to Central Florida in time for summer orange blossoms, which flavored the honey for his … Continue reading

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