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Beekeeping could become an important business in northern Norway

According to scientists, beekeeping could become an important agricultural business in northern Norway. Read more (norwegian text)

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Chemists from Granada do research to guarantee honey quality and its geographical origin

At the beggining of November 2003, it was known that the European Union had banned the importation of Chinese honey. Health authorities decided so since it had a high pollutant substances content. Read more

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Researcher traces the evolution of honey bee gender

A first-of-its-kind evolutionary strategy discovered among invertebrate organisms – or honey bees – shows how a complex genetic mechanism determines gender and maximizes gene transmission to the next generation of several bee species, according to MSU researchers. Read more

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Buzzing over bee theft

Beekeepers throughout the region will be busy this winter attempting to prevent theft of their bees as other keepers from Washington, Minnesota and elsewhere across the country bring tens of millions of the stinging, honey-making insects into California. Read more

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Can beekeeping become important in northern parts of Norway?

Yes, it can, says scientists Lise Hatten and Jørn Høberg at the science institution Bioforsk Nord Tjøtta Read more (norwegian text)

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Egg police crack down on broody bees

Tom Wenseleers of the Catholic University of Leuven (KUL) in the Netherlands and Francis Ratnieks of the University of Sheffield, UK, studied nine species of social wasps and the honeybee. In all of these colonies the workers have functional ovaries … Continue reading

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Researchers Create Buzz Over Social Behavior Genetics

Though you may not be able to teach an old dog new tricks, ASU researchers have found that evolution may have taught old genes new tricks in the development of social behavior in honeybees. Read more

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More about the honeybee genome

Here is an interesting article by Carl Zimmer about the sequencing of the honeybee genome. Read more

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