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Shortage of bees looms

Every February, a massive labor force of bees gets to work in the almond orchards of California. But the approach of another winter has renewed concerns that the bee supply, provided by commercial beekeepers across the nation, might fall short … Continue reading

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“America’s Oldest Worker” is a beekeeper from Kansas

R. Waldo McBurney, age 104, a beekeeper, honey purveyor and author from Quinter, Kan., is being recognized this morning in Washington D.C. as “America’s Oldest Worker.” Read more

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TDA secures exemption to use ApiLife VAR to control varroa mites in beehives

Agriculture Commissioner Susan Combs announced today that the Texas Department of Agriculture has been granted approval by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to issue a Section 18 specific exemption allowing the use of the formulated product ApiLife VAR containing thymol, … Continue reading

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Online access to the Proceedings of the BfD African Honey Trade Workshop 2005

The first African Honey Trade Workshop organised by Bees for Development took place in August 2005, for two days prior to the Apimondia Congress in Dublin, Ireland. The Workshop was organised as part of our DFID/BLCF Project on African Honey. … Continue reading

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Fund’s honey of a buy

The Cullen Fund has become a substantial shareholder in honey products maker Comvita. Read more

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Dutch gold honey celebrates 60 Years

It has been 60 years since Ralph and Luella Gamber worked together in their Lancaster County kitchen to package the very first jars of Dutch Gold Honey. Read more

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Banana wilt disease to cause Uganda 4 billion dollars loss

Uganda risks losing some four billion U.S. dollars to the banana bacterial wilt by 2010 unless efforts to prevent the fast-spreading disease are put in place, experts have warned. Researchers have discovered that the disease is transmitted by stingless bees, … Continue reading

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Govt plans financial assistance for honey farmers in India

The Government is planning to promote the honey production in the country through financial assistance to people engaged in bee-keeping and setting up of testing laboratories to improve its quality. Read more

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In the yard, on the roof — keeping the bees

For the past six years, Kreimeyer, a 56-year-old exterminator from upstate New York, has happily coexisted with 60,000 bees, who live in what looks like a smaller version of a Somerville triple-decker atop Best Pest Control Services, his Elm Street … Continue reading

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Hornets vs. honeybees, who do you think wins?

Who would win in a contest between Japanese giant hornets and honeybees? Both can sting, but neither stings the other. The hornet crushes the honeybee with its mandibles. The honeybee kills the hornet through overheating. The winner depends on the … Continue reading

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