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Insect brains inspire prize winning work

An electrical engineer turned biologist, who now spends his time unravelling the workings of insect brains, has won one of Australia’s top science prizes. Read more

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Honey remedy could save limbs

With standard techniques exhausted, Jennifer Eddy turned to a treatment used by ancient Sumerian physicians, touted in the Talmud and praised by Hippocrates: honey. Eddy dressed the wounds in honey-soaked gauze. In just two weeks, her patient’s ulcers started to … Continue reading

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Farmers in Ethiopia obtain over 10.6 Mln. Birr from honey production

Farmers in North Gondar Zone of the Amhara State obtained over 10.6 million birr (about 0.96 million USD) income from honey production during the past budget year, the Zonal Agriculture and Rural Development Department said. Read more

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Birds and bees may be gay

The birds and the bees may be gay, according to the world’s first museum exhibition about homosexuality among animals. Read more

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Bee venom successively treats men’s most precious organ

From 5,000 to 10,000 patients receive bee venom treatment in the U.S. each year. Among the uses is treating of the most precious organ of a male body i.e. a prostate gland. Read more

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Biosecurity NZ to trial poisons to kill varroa mite

Biosecurity New Zealand has shortlisted four insecticides to be used for feral bee baiting to eliminate varroa in the Nelson area. Read more

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Chicago suburb abuzz over beekeeping

After months of debate over the legality of backyard beehives, a Chicago-area suburb has decided to set hive limits and enact a $500 sting for non-compliance. Read more

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Beekeepers in Turkey want sermon against fake honey

Imams needs to brief consumers against fake honey so that they are more aware of what they eat, says Giresun Beekeepers Union president Read more

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Tucson woman survives 300+ bee stings

Stung more than 300 times by a swarm of bees, a Tucson woman lives to tell her amazing story of survival. Read more

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Beekeeping quake survivors provided with bees

One year on from the South Asia earthquake, the picture is still bleak with more than a hundred thousand survivors living in temporary shelters and winter fast approaching. But over the past year, ActionAid has spent nearly US£4m dollars helping … Continue reading

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