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Oldest bee fossil creates new buzz

The discovery of the oldest bee fossil supports the theory that bees evolved from wasps, scientists reported today. Read more

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Honeybee origins are investigated

According to Neil Tsutsui, assistant professor of ecology and evolutionary biology, honeybees did not arise in Asia, as previously thought, but came out of Africa. Read more

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Univ. community helps students, using coffee and bees as aids

Not many high schools in Georgia can boast about having a bee colony or their very own coffee shop. But thanks in part to the University, the new alternative high school in Athens can. Read more

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Gallic bees threatened by placid foreigners

After surviving the ice age, parasites and insecticides, French honey bees are now under threat from placid foreigners. Read more

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Honey bee genome holds clues to social behavior

By studying the humble honey bee, researchers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign have come a step closer to understanding the molecular basis of social behavior in humans. Read more

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Plan aims to govern honeybee industry

A proposal for a new state law in Arkansas intended to protect honeybees and their keepers from pests was approved Monday by the State Plant Board’s apiary committee. Read more

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Declining Bee Population Threatens Major Growers

A major report from the National Academies says bees and other important pollinators are losing out to development and disease. The report’s authors warn the losses could have a big impact on some farmers, such as the almond growers of … Continue reading

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The Busy-ness of Bees

The bee business is booming these days. With wild bee populations in decline, beekeepers can make more money renting out bees to pollinate food crops than they ever could selling homemade honey. Read more

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In the yard, on the roof — keeping the bees

On a rooftop high above a congested Somerville street, they make their home. Here is another story about an urban beekeeper. Read more

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Honey production appears on stamps on Fiji

Fiji will, this month, release the Honey Production in Fiji stamp issue, in recognition of one of the fastest growing industries in Fiji. Read more

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