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Minnesota researcher helps fight an invasion of mites

University of Minnesota entomology professor Marla Spivak is breeding a special strain of queen bees to help beekeepers fight varroa. Read more

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Famed tupelo honey crop threatened by development

Beekeepers and scientists say the unique tupelo honey that made Wewahitchka in the Florida Panhandle famous is threatened by fast-paced development. Read more

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How to combat killer bees

Best advice if you’re caught in bee attack without your suit? Run and keep running. Enraged killer bees will give chase for about three football fields. Run farther. Read more

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Honeybees or honey bees

Cliff Van Eaton share some facts with us at BoingBoing… Read more

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300 beekeepers to participate at Azerbaijan`s Beekeeping Products Expo

he next 5th Republican Beekeeping Products Exhibition- Trade Fair is expected to be held in Baku on September 18. According to Chingiz Farajov, Head of Azerbaijan`s Agriculture Ministry`s Department for Cattle Breeding Production and Processing, Livestock Breeding and Pastures told … Continue reading

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Africanized honey “killer” bee training

A bee suit and veil soon might be among the essential gear for Central Florida firefighters, as the population of Africanized honey “killer” bees keeps growing. Read more

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PropolPom – a new antioxidant

Beehive Botanicals made a press release yesterday about a new supplement, PropolPom, that combines the benefits of bee propolis with pomegranate seed Read more

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Nepalese wild honey highly prized

In recent years, honey hunters and the tradition of honey hunting in Nepal have become famous all over the world. National Geographic and some other television channels related to wildlife are playing vital roles in this respect. Read more

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Honey bee swarm briefly closes shopping center

"It’s considered good luck to find a swarm of honey bees, but when 20,000 of them descended on a Mendham Borough shopping center, people didn’t feel fortunate." – Too bad the story doesn’t tell that the bees was not aggressive … Continue reading

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Candle history

Here is a story about the candle making history, where beeswax played a part in the early days Read more

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