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Killer bees causing a buzz on airport

Killer bees are a very real problem at Tucson International Airport, where officials report the insects shows interest for the jet fuel. Read more

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Youngster’s honey business booms

11 year old Nicholas Motz became a beekeeper at age 7, and now he owns his own honey business. Read more

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Decision against varroa eradication

The government has decided to try to slow the spread of the varroa bee mite in the South Island rather than eradicate it. Read more

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Senator Burns want to use bees to find landmines

U.S. Senator Conrad Burns wants to appropriate $5 million to use honey bees to find land mines and other buried explosives. Read more

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Natural selection might save the bees

In a bow to Charles Darwin, wild and captive honeybees seem to be overcoming the devastating impact of parasitic mites through natural selection. Read more

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Russian bees resistant to parasitic mites

Research conducted at the ARS Honey Bee Breeding, Genetics and Physiology Research Unit in Baton Rough, Louisiana reveals cold temperatures, tracheal mites and varroa mites, all enduring problems for honeybees, are not as effective against Russian bees. This ability to … Continue reading

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Global warming threatens pollination timing

Dr. David Inouye, director of University of Maryland’s graduate program in Sustainable Development and Conservation Biology, reports that global warming could disrupt the timing of pollination in alpine environments, with serious negative impacts to both plants and pollinators. Read more

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Honeybee brain picks up on right scent

A honeybee’s ability to smell scent appears to be linked to the right side of its brain, according to a new ANU study that could show how right and left ‘handedness’ evolved in other species. Read more

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Beehive grant program generates buzz

250 new beekeepers received free hives in North Carolina last year. North Carolina agriculture is dependent on bees for pollination, and supporters said honeybees accounted for $154 million each year in added agricultural produce within the state. Read more

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Teen crashes car into hive. 10 sent to hospital

A swarm of up to 100,000 angry honey bees sent 10 people to the hospital including the driver of an SUV that hit a hollow tree in northeast Indiana, disturbing a hive. Read more

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