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New Zealand government u-turn on varroa

The Government has changed its mind on its decision not to try to eradicate the varroa bee-mite from the South Island. Read more

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Government to work with beekeepers on varroa

The Government in New Zealand has decided to allocate an additional $1.25 million to the management programme for varroa in the South Island. This funding is to allow Biosecurity New Zealand to work closely with beekeepers on a programme to … Continue reading

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Bees can tell time

Research demonstrates cognitive abilities such as timing are not restricted to more complex animals such as birds and mammals. Read more

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Draft varroa management plan on New Zealand released on monday

Biosecurity New Zealand releases its draft management plan for varroa mite in the South Island on Monday, but says it has no chance of slowing the bee parasite’s spread unless all beekeepers support it. Read more

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Cross-pollination by bees raises hopes in India

Tirunelveli Horticulture Department’s new initiative of promoting honeybees as agents of cross-pollination for increasing crop productivity has raised hopes of the farmers in the district. Read more

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Italians charmed by honeybees

Italians are taking their passion for homegrown produce one step further this summer, with dozens of converts to beekeeping. Read more

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The heat’s not so sweet for the bees

When flowers are in bloom, bees keep themselves busy gathering pollen to make honey. But during last month’s extreme hot weather, the little critters were too busy trying to stay cool. Read more

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Leafcutter bees aid alfalfa seed production

John and Shelley Wold produce alfalfa seed with the help of 10 million employees. Because his employees, the leafcutter bees – Megachile rotundata – are such efficient pollinators, the Wolds harvest about 200 acres of alfalfa seed each year. Read … Continue reading

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Lazy male bees and wasps can be made to work

Experiments with the males of bees and wasps of the order Hymenoptera have proved that they could be made to do some work like feeding the larvae Read more

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Queen honey bees might hold the key to a longer life for humans

La Trobe University’s David Vaux is a specialist in apoptosis, the science of how cells die. His research aims to unlock the answers to the queen bee’s 50-fold increased lifespan. Read more

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