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Pheromone fun…

Brian Fuentes, an American baseball player, knew how to have some fun with a beekeeper buddy. It included some bee pheromone… Read more

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Researchers looking for better bees for pollination

Because honeybees that pollinate California’s gigantic almond crop and some other crops have been plagued by disease and poor performance, growers have been looking for a better bee. A company from England thinks it might have found it. Read more

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New large honey factory in New Zealand

Despite that the varroa mite has been dominating the beekeeping news in New Zealand lately, a new honey factory with 20 employees and an annual production of up to 250 tonnes of mankua honey is being built in Masterton. Read … Continue reading

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Wild bees make honey bees better pollinators

When honey bees interact with wild native bees, they are up to five times more efficient in pollinating sunflowers than when native bees are not present, according to a new study by a pair of researchers at the University of … Continue reading

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Fruitgrowers support varroa plan in New Zealand

A plan to rid the upper South Island of the bee parasite varroa under a programme of baiting and poisoning wild bee colonies, has the full support of the region’s horticulturalists. Read more

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Honey draws 100 international researchers to Kota Baharu

About 100 medical specialists and researchers have converged here for the First International Conference on the Medicinal Uses of Honey. Read more

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Dancing bees help businesses

researchers at Cardiff University have developed an algorithm based on dancing bees to help companies to optimize their business processes. Read more

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Sugar free honey project in India

In an effort to motivate beekeepers to produce sugar-free herbal honey, the government has introduced a new eco-friendly beekeeping system in Himachal Pradesh. Read more

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Man dies after 300 stings from Africanized bees

Exterminators have removed a hive containing an estimated quarter-million Africanized bees from a home near Bisbee where a man was fatally stung on Aug. 20. Read more

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Tummy Honey

A company in Mission Viejo, California now offers a product to treat and prevent stretch marks. Read more

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