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Honey, it shrinks the pain

“There is no way I would let anyone treating me or my loved ones put anything except honey on our wounds,” says Dr Shona Blair, a post-doctoral microbiology researcher at the University of Sydney. Studies shows that honey has anti … Continue reading

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The vanishing of the honey bee

Here is an interesting article about the declining of the honey bee and how that will affect the food production. Since much of the food producing industry is highly dependent on the pollinating done by the honey bee, this should … Continue reading

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USA: Firefighters learn to fight killer bees

Equipped with firefighting chemical foam and a beekeeper’s suit, with its goofy pith helmet and mesh veil, firefighters are ready to fight killer bees Read more

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Norway: Unrealistic to get rid of “pærebrann”

Scientist Lars Sekse thinks it is unrealistic to think it is possible to get rid of “pærebrann” Read more (norwegian)

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Norway: New finding of AFB

There have been found AFB in 12 hives in Østfold. Read more (norwegian)

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